20% of youth in juvenile justice facilities have an emotional disturbance or mental illness. National Institute of Medicine, 2002.

Please consider how much you can give to provide hope and healing in the lives of local families.

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We need you.

More than just a place, the Ranch is a feeling of hope and healing that lives in the hearts of thousands of central Ohio children and families. The Ranch, offers family focused mental health treatment for children with behavioral or psychological disorders. These children and their families often have no where else to go, and without the Ranch they would be left without the treatment they desperately need to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

Recent budget cuts to our funding are threatening our ability to expand, to grow, and to maintain our level of service.

The Learn. Care. Give. Campaign aims to raise $7.5 million by 2011. You can help by making a donation, large or small, or by spreading the word by posting a widget or badge to your blog or social network page.

Every financial contribution will be carefully allocated to help fund all of our existing services and to fund the renovation of our Grove City campus and the opening of our new Cross Creek Treatment Center and The Buckeye Ranch Family Center.


Donations to the Learn. Care. Give. Campaign will be used to:

Renovate the Grove City campus

A portion of the donations will go directly toward renovating the entire Grove City Buckeye Ranch campus. This will include a critical expansion of the secure residential treatment facility, which is always in urgent demand for the children and youth who are a threat to themselves. Currently the waiting list for secure rooms is 30 to 60 days on average. Read more

Create The Buckeye Ranch Family Center

The Buckeye Ranch Family Center will house The Buckeye Ranch Educational Day Treatment Center. The new facilities will relieve students and staff of the current cramped conditions at Cross Creek and improve their educational experience tremendously. The Family Center will also be home to the Buckeye Ranch's community-based services. From office-based counseling to intensive, home-based therapy, our community-based services aim to keep families together. Read more

Sustain our existing services

The Buckeye Ranch provides vital services to children and youth facing serious issues including abuse, neglect, mental illness, suicidal tendencies, additions and behavior disorders. Our services include Community Based Services, Foster Care, Child Protection Services, Residential Treatment, Deaf Services and Educational Programs. Read more

Every donation, no matter what the amount, will make a difference and bring us one step closer to making our goals a reality. With your support The Buckeye Ranch will continue serving central Ohio families and youth and your community. It's your back yard and these are your neighbors. The families and children you see every day, and they need your help.

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